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2nd Meter Program Background

The Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority (MHMUA) offers a sewer credit to its customers for water that does not discharge into the sanitary sewer system such as, lawn irrigation, filling pools and other outside water use. This program is known as the Second Water Meter Program and the fee for this voluntary program is $36.00 per year. If outside water consumption is less than 10,000 gallons per year, there will not be a financial advantage for participation in the second water meter program. Those who choose to participate in the second water meter program must apply to the MHMUA. Second water meters will only be entered into the program upon inspection and approval by the MHMUA. This is an annual program, if you do not submit each year, you will be considered inactive and no credit will be given. There is a reactivation fee of $36.00, if you wish to re-enter the program. The second water meter program offers a credit to participating customers one time per year. The customer owned second water meter reading must be submitted to the MHMUA within the required time limit.

Installation & Maintenance:

  • Obtain an application from the MHMUA as well as a local plumbing permit.
  • Purchase and install the second water meter.
  • Have the meter inspected and approved by your township plumbing inspector.
  • Call the MHMUA at (609)261-8279 for an MHMUA inspection and initial reading​​
    • **​​​​Credit is based upon the initial reading by the MHMUA. Any water use prior to the initial inspection and reading will not be eligible for a sewer credit.
    • **Installation and maintenance of the second meter is the homeowner’s responsibility.

During an initial second water meter inspection, the MHMUA will verify the meter is installed properly and is located downstream of the primary water meter.

Second water meters must be accessible for inspection. The following second water meters installations will not be approved or read by MHMUA personnel:

  • Meter access blocked by boxes, furniture or other personal items. A clear path must be provided to the meter.
  • Meter dial must be more than 3 feet from any permanent structure. MHMUA personnel will not remove panels or wall sections.
  • Meters installed where the dial is inverted or view of the dial is obstructed.
  • Where second meters are installed in underground pits the meter must not be more than 24 inches below grade. Pit covers must be free of debris.
  • Meters installed within 3 feet of an open flame, exposed hot water piping, or exposed electrical connections.
  • Meters installed in locations over five feet above the floor. MUA employees will not climb ladders to read meters.

After the second water meter is approved by the MHMUA, if either the primary or second water meter are removed or replaced; the MHMUA must be informed for initial readings, re-inspection and sealing of the meter. The MHMUA must be able to verify both meter readings, or a second water meter credit will not be given.


Inspections & Recording:
A letter is sent each year to all second water meter participants with a reminder about the upcoming meter reading season. It is the customers’ responsibility to call and schedule an appointment to have the second water meter read by the MHMUA. If at any time the MHMUA arrives at a scheduled appointment and access is not available to the meter there will be a $36.00 charge for the missed appointment. Customers may provide a reading to the MHMUA submitting their second meter reading before the deadline. If either the primary water meter or second water meter is to be removed for repair or replacement for any reason, contact the MHMUA prior to removal for a final reading on the old meter and a baseline reading for the new meter.