Cleanout Information


Sewer cleanouts and their caps play a vital role in the health of your home and our township’s sewer system. Many people do not know what a sewer cleanout is, if they have one, or why they need one. Sewer cleanouts are typically made of plastic piping and are usually located within three to five feet of a business or home and between the curb and the sidewalk. Not all homes have a cleanout depending on the age of the home. The cleanout performs an important function, working as the access point to your sewer system. Access is important for sewer line cleaning, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Cleanouts typically have a removable cap to make accessing the sewer line easier. Sewer laterals and cleanouts are owned and maintained by the property owner and it is a violation of the MHMUA rules and regulations to have a broken or missing cleanout cap.


Broken Cleanout vs. Ideal Cleanout
Broken Cleanout vs. Ideal Cleanout

Make sure your sewer cleanout is accessible and the cap is on tight and in good shape.

​Missing or broken caps allow objects such as yard waste and litter to fall into the sewer lines causing messy and expensive backups as well as posing a tripping hazard to residents and pedestrians. It also allows unwanted inflow of rain or residential water use into the system. This excess inflow puts stress on our wastewater treatment plant and collection system and drives up operating and treatment costs.

​MHMUA is working to identify all sources of inflow in our sewer system to help solve this problem. Working together, we can save valuable resources.

For more information, call the Collection system inspectors at

609-267-1110 ext. 111 or ext. 117.

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