How do I update my information?

Automatic Payment

If you need to update your banking information for the ACH program, please fill out the ACH form again and submit it by mail, email or drop off.
Click here for the ACH form.

Mailing Address

The MHMUA requires a written request to change the "bill to" address on an account. Send an email with your information (Name, account number or address and phone number) to or you can fill out our address change form under our forms section and email us the form.

Name Change

You can submit written documentation to the Authority such as a copy of the property deed.

​Just Married? You can submit a copy of your marriage certificate via email to change your name.

​Just divorced need to have your exes name removed from the account?
You can submit a copy of your divorce decree or updated deed via email and we will adjust accordingly.

To submit your documents, you can email copies to, drop them off in person to our office between the hours of 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Thursday or you can mail them to us.