Non-Hazardous Contaminated Ground Water

Subject to availability of capacity, discharges of non-hazardous contaminated ground water will be accepted by agreement only.

The maximum contaminant levels for TSS, CBOD5 and COD shall be 250 mg/L, 250 mg/L and 375 mg/L, respectively. Wastes containing greater than the aforesaid values will be evaluated for acceptance on a case-by-case basis and may require pre-treatment.

Unless otherwise approved, payment for bulk deliveries shall be made on the day of delivery prior to off-loading. Payment shall be based upon the size of the delivery vehicle, regardless of the actual contents delivered. Unless otherwise approved, payment for direct connected discharges shall be required on a monthly basis, upon receipt of a bill from the MHMUA. The dis-charger shall install and maintain a flow meter on the discharge for these purposes.

Subject to the availability of capacity and by prior agreement, a per gallon charge of between $0.0135 and $5.00 will be imposed, based upon the assessment of strength of the delivered waste, as determined by the MHMUA, and based upon gallons delivered, as calculated by truck size or other approved method.

The per gallon charge shall be based upon any factors determining the type, class and amount of use or service of the system, or any combination of any such factors, and may give weight to characteristics of the waste and any other special matter affecting the cost of treatment and disposal thereof.