Sludge Treatment

For the purposes of this schedule, sludge shall be defined as follows; SLUDGE

The solid residue and associated liquid resulting from physical, chemical or biological treatment by (1) publicly owned treatment works; or (2) privately owned treatment works which provide in-ground collection facilities and treatment of domestic sewage, only.

Per Gallon Charge

Percent Solids Per Gallon
In Sample__ Charge__
0 – 4.0% $0.03/Gal. to $0.12/Gal.
greater than 4.0% ($0.12/Gal) (T.S.%)4%
Where T.S. = Total solids determined by the MHMUA

The per gallon charge shall be based upon any factors determining the type, class and amount of use or service of the system, or any combination of any such factors, and may give weight to characteristics of the waste and any other special matter affecting the cost of treatment and disposal thereof.


The charge for intermittent sludge treatment shall be the greater of the following:

1. The number of gallons delivered times the per gallon charge in I.A. above OR,

2. The volume of the delivery vehicle, as posted thereon, times the per gallon charge in I.A. above.


Subject to the availability of capacity and by prior agreement, sludge will be accepted at the plant for the above listed per gallon charge.